Op. Dr. Ana Luna Rodriques

Op.Dr.Ana Luna Rodriques (Pediatric Ophtalmologist) Pediatric opthalmologist completed her postgraduate degree in Argentina for 3 years residency at Ricardo Gutierrez Pediatric Hospital.in the City of Buenos Aires in 1990,intership at the ,Argentina pediatric ophtalmology foundation directed by Dr.Alberto Ciancia,intership at the Argentina Foa EnriqueMalbran Opthalmology foundation in clinic and eye surgery,intershipas a fellow at the Bascon Palmer Eye İnstutitein Pediatric Opthalmology in the City of MIAMI. management in health services in 2008,specialist in management in higher education,he completed a master degree in ophtalmology 2005 by the University of Salta and in the Catholic University. Catholic University postgraduate in Glaucoma 2020 recognitions.Awarded by the facult medical Sciences for exercising the chair of opthalmology for 25 years in November 2018. Recognition by the Guayaguil Rotary Clup for help in the Rotavision 2006 campaing,children. Francisco de Icaza Bustamante in 2006,recognition of the zonal health coordination and hospital of the child. Francisco de Icaza Bustamante fort he excellent responsibility of the 2013 Ophtalmology Service.(By the headguartes)the National Instutite for children and the familiy and operation Blessing İnternational grants a certificate of recognition during the activitesof the 1998. Airplane recognition for the Ecuadorian Doctor’s day in 2017 awarded by e he hospital del Nino Francisco de Icaza Bustamante Member of the National Society of Ophtalmology.since 2004,member of the World society of pediatric ophtalmologist surgery, & pediatric ophtalmologist has participated in courses and conferences as a lecture and assistant always with the purpose of a healty childhood and adolescence always taking careof visual health.